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24 June 2012 @ 10:37

Finally caught Thor on Blu-ray and loved the film much, much more than I thought possible. Ho-hum narration, but I really loved the depth which Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston brought to their characters Thor and Loki respectively. Currently trolling all over LJ and ff.net in search of Loki-centric fics. I want to give Loki a big bear hug, because the poor chap is utterly misunderstood and confused and is seriously dealing with mammoth-sized daddy issues. Tom Hiddleston is a terrific actor (can't wait to see him in 'Midnight In Paris). Eagerly awaiting The Avengers to come to big screen.

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01 January 2010 @ 02:41
Headed up to Waverton with some mates after work to watch the much-anticipated fireworks display.

What a kick-ass, awesome display, it was. Very twinkly and bright, and I love those mushroom-like sparkles.

This was so much better than watching it on telly. And so worth the effort of waiting for three hours, and sitting on hard sandstone with gravel up one's arse. Ah well, not everyone has friends who live in 15-million dollar waterfront houses.

I'm so going back there again in 365 days - and next time, I'll bring along a picnic basket, a rug and some fluffy pillows too =D

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20 December 2009 @ 00:22

I went to see Avatar at the theatres today.

I genuinely think it's a kick-ass film. It certainly had not felt like a three-hour movie.

Sam Worthington, to my disappointment, is an uninspiring actor. He had a hard time shaking off that broad Aussie accent throughout that film.

The Colonel was such a bad-ass villain, it was really fun watching him wreck havoc upon the Na'Vi folk in Pandora.

Good film, but not really worth a re-watch. Don't think I'll be getting it on Blu-Ray/DVD.

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13 December 2009 @ 00:44
I am going to watch Avatar next weekend, after all.

Was totally not okay with the crappy trailer. Them giant smurfs Na'vi do not look cool at all. But now that most of the reviews have been released to the public, and based on the fact that the film has received glowing and nearly unanimous praise, surely the film must be at least good, if not outstanding.

So yes, I'm going to blow 20 bucks on this film and see it in all of its 3D glory.
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26 November 2009 @ 17:30
Am scared shitless about tomorrow's board review. It's bad enough to go through it once, so here's hoping I don't have to do it twice!
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16 October 2009 @ 22:26
I love J.J. Abrams' Fringe and all - John Noble is always a riot to watch and Josh Jackson is a surprisingly good actor. But ye gawds, Anna Torv's  terrible acting skills are like nails on chalkboard. Is the woman only capable of doing one type of facial expression? Anyway, for those who don't know - Anna Torv plays the lead character, Olivia Dunham, who is so dumb that one starts to wonder what was going through the writers' minds when they created her character.

I enjoy the concept of Fringe, but I am beginning to doubt the longevity of the show - especially when it revolves heavily around a stupid two-dimensional heroine.

Having said that, Fringe has replaced Heroes as my favourite sci-fi series. I'm not taken by Flashforward yet, although I hope I eventually would. Unless Heroes redeems itself plot-wise the way Lost did, I think I'm ready to give up on the show completely. 

And Spock Prime in the 2nd season of Fringe! *major bouts of geeky fangirling*
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10 October 2009 @ 18:53

Possibly the best musical I have ever seen.

Set designs are absolutely bee-yoo-ti-ful.

Galinda/Glinda got all the good one-liners, methinks.

But I do adore Elphaba just as much. She is my second favourite green girl, after Gaila the Orion from Star Trek XI.

Am sorely tempted to go back to the theatre for second helpings.

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23 September 2009 @ 07:21

Orange skies.

As in really really orange.

And it's happening all over Sydney.


*iz scared*

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29 August 2009 @ 20:33
Had a chance to look at the new place. It's gorgeous. There's a kitchen, laundry, everything. And it's fully furnished. I only need to buy a brand new set of shelves, but that's just it.

Best part yet - the sweet and lovely landlady doesn't mind waiting 'til December. Dang current contract doesn't allow me to move out of the current apartment anytime earlier than that.

I'm so excited about moving into a new home. So excited that I'm doing the most illogical crazy dance right now. *GRINS*

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17 August 2009 @ 21:05
Sat for my board exams today. I had very little time to check my answers, so I don't really know what to make of the exam or how to reflect upon it.

Am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I'll be extremely annoyed if I have to do the whole dang thing the second time.

Caught District 9 at the theaters with friends this afternoon. I think I'm the only person of the lot who enjoyed the film. It's a great movie, by the way - nothing like I've ever seen before. My friends said that District 9 reminded them of Cloverfield, but I've yet to see the latter, so I can neither concur nor disagree. District 9 is produced by Peter Jackson and features really wicked narration, despite the alien storyline. I love the fact that the humans in the film chose the word 'prawns' as a nickname for them aliens. They sure as hell look very much like prawns.

I may have found a new place to move into at the end of this year. The rent is reasonable and the landlady seems nice. Hope the place is lovely, although I will have to ask the local folk whether the rumours about weekend motorbike races are true because if they are, I will have to factor that into my decision as well. I'm gonna have a look at it on Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed on this.

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